Mar 17, 2024

Added 2 new weapons: the Spitter and Fume Breather. Added new mobs: Alchemints, Cornuhorn, and the Alpine floater. Made small physics improvements. Nerfed alchemist. Buffed the wings, heavy, and brute upgrades. Added 3 new skins: ice cube (10 erthium in shop), yarn (2.5+ million stars), and bubble (realmzfest winners). Resprited the following skins: acorn, alien, ancient warrior, astronaut, black cat, cat, chicken, corpse, cow, emperor, fox, jaguar, ninja, pig, pizza, unicorn, walrus, and water.


Mar 17, 2024

Updated the shop with new skins! Finger now costs only a million coins. Fixed Spork and Spear hitbox. Fixed a lot of other bugs.


Mar 9, 2024

Fixed alchemist+mirror healing bug. Fixed ancient statue mission bug.


Mar 3, 2024

More notifications with missions now show. Added new flowers for the Woodlands, Alpine, Cave, and Dry Grasslands biomes. Only special slimes run away now. Nerfed Goblin Mage's aim. Lowered summoning cooldown for all bosses. Bug fixes.


Feb 13, 2024

Fixed gnome mission bug. Fixed slime AI bug. Fixed mirror reflection bug.


Feb 12, 2024

Added a portal to the zombie biome. Added over 60 dialogue lines to the Castaway NPC. Changed portal HP requirement to 75%. Added new skins in the shop. Fixed crashing bugs and boss cooldown.


Feb 11, 2024

The pre 2.0 map, Exodus, has returned with new additions. Portals now spawn around the map which bring the player to a separate boss map where bosses now spawn. New weapon: Pulse Bow (level 70 after winged bow). The weapon selector ui has been reworked to be easier to understand. Press the tab key to view a chart of all the different weapons. The slime ai has been reworked, smaller slimes run away when a player attacks them while larger slimes fight back. Slimes now randomly blink. 10 new skins: emperor, cyber goblin, poop, helicopter, red purple, blue purple, attack droid, corrupted angel, watermelon and cupcake. Bosses now have a cooldown to prevent boss farming: (Goblin Warlock: 20 minutes), (Erthium Eye: 30 minutes), (Mechanical Terror: 30 minutes). Woodlands grass has been retextured. Blocks now have darker borders. Many bug fixes.

v2.6.1 - Micropatch

Jan 7, 2024

Presents mimics have disappeared! Fixed game crashing bug.
IMPORTANT: Bosses and advanced enemies will be temporarily removed from the game soon. Bosses create more problems with the game than benefits at the moment and we do not have the time to create a fix for a while. If you oppose this, please contact us through the forum, discord, or through email.

v2.6 - Christmas

Dec 21, 2023

The holidays are here! Chase down Present Mimics and crack them open for a chance to get the 2022 and 2023 christmas crates - along with 8 new christmas skins! Reduced number of mob spawns. Added new jungle mobs: the Thang, Jungle Slime, Velvet Slime, Jungle Saplet, Caecillian, Chicken, and Conuran Hatchling. Added Ducks to the forest and Chickens to the grasslands.

Toadstools and Pine minks no longer deal damage. Added a tunnel that connects both caves. Buffed railgun and armor upgrades. Audio is now directional. Rotating weapons now flip at the left side.

v2.5 - Woodlands

Dec 7, 2023

Added a new map - The Woodlands - with a new forest biome. 7 new weapons: Cannon (level 70 after blunderbus), Death Sabre (Level 70 after Katana), Pistol (level 35 after gunner), Spork (level 70 after Spear), Railgun (level 70 after Sniper), Cyber Blaster (level 70 after Rune Wizard) and Blizzard Staff (level 70 after Frost Staff). Added new upgrades including armor (i, ii, iii), long dash and pullback. Added new spike blocks which deal damage when you step on them. Added the Pine Mink mob. Added several new skins including, white, black, conure, meerkat, snail, agent, cupcake and fancy dog. Solar flare now evolves from Fire Caster, Alchemist evolves from Star Blaster and Frost Staff now evolves from Sorcerer. Alchemist now shows green numbers when healing. Retextured the jungle biome, several props, several mobs, and some weapons. Trees no longer have fall themed leaves. Many bug fixes. Buffed Sniper and Champion. Nerfed the Heavy upgrade.

v.2.4.1 - Nov 6, 2023

The zombie gamemode difficulty now scales with player count. Background transitions are smooth again. Jumping brody zombies can no longer turn direction while jumping. Fixed bugs with slime AI and glitching outside the map. Toggling high detail mode may help increase FPS now.

v.2.4 - Halloween Update - Oct 29, 2023

New limited time gamemode zombies and halloween event that lasts until November 12th. Connect to the Zombies server to play! Survive and defeat the zombies to earn limited time halloween crates!

New boss mob, Wormy, that spawns at the last round of the zombies gamemode. Ten new limited time Halloween Skins added including, black cat, raven, scarecrow, eyeball, dark matter, parasite, plague doctor, mutant, frankenstein and witch. New graveyard biome with new zombie enemies. New decorations added for the jungle, grasslands and dry grass biomes.

v.2.3.3 - Small Fall Update - Sep 24, 2023

Added fall decorations. Added 3 statues around the map. 2 are teasers for the next big update.

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v.2.3.2 - Small Tweaks & Weapon Changes - Sep 20, 2023

Realmz.io Forum

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Rolling mobs and spikes spawn less. Fixed fire caster rendering bug. Fixed some issues.

v.2.3.1 - September 19, 2023

Realmz.io Forum

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Nerfed mobs. Added death notifications back. Fixed some bugs. Fixed dying in bottom right of map bug.


September 17, 2023

Added 32 new mobs. Resprited slimes. Added a new weapon: the Frost Staff (Level 35, Magician -> Charge Blaster -> Frost Staff). Added sound effects for using most weapons. Removed screen stretching from most devices. Optimized rendering. Updated mobile controls. Fixed disconnection bug by immediately reconnecting clients. Added 4 new skins: Clock, Cook, Dark Blue, and Turquoise. Buffed Umbrellar damage. Change some of the in game GUI. Umbrellar's projectiles can't go through blocks anymore. Nerfed Paladin damage, nerfed Solar Flare damage, slightly nerfed Dragoon reload, and slightly nerfed Alchemist reload. Fixed other bugs. If you want to disable sound, right click on the tab and select 'mute site'


August 13, 2023

Damage recieved is shown with a red number. Fixed bugs with skins that glow.


August 13, 2023

Champion behemoth has been renamed to slasher. Winged bow, fire caster and solar flare have new sprites along with a new fire projectile for fire caster and infernal mage. New mobs, stacked slimes now spawn around the map. Scythe now branches from sabre. Rune wizard now branches from aura shield. Puncher now branches from lancer. New skins: red pink, knight and alien soldier added. Alien soldier can be obtained by joining the official realmz.io discord. Info hover now appears over mobs showing detailed stats. New death screen grave is added showing more detail after you die. A red vignette now shows when you have low health. The shop now has navigation buttons for skins and crates. New spawnkill protection which prevents players from spawning near each other. Chat now goes over props. Temporarily removed Alchemist's purple potion. Bug fixes. Solar flare is nerfed to do less damage. Gatling gun now fires slower. Champion and dragoon now have a slower reload. Winged bow and mirror have faster reloads. Puncher, spear and mirror now do more damage.


July 19, 2023

Small nerfs for Aura Monk, Aura Shield, and Solar Flare. Katana no longer does knockback. Fixed more bugs.


July 18, 2023

Slightly nerfed Gatling Gun, Katana, and Excalibur. Blunderbuss's projectiles do not go through walls anymore. Fixed bug with goblins not despawning. Fixed other bugs too.


July 17, 2023

Added 4 new classes: Katana (Level 35 after Sabre), Excalibur (Level 70 after Katana), Blunderbuss (Level 35 after Grenadier), and Gatling Gun (Level 70 after Shotgun). Main menu UI rework. Changed the grass biome background. Added a new legendary rarity skin. Added a verification system: name yourself your account name for a checkmark next to your name. Added show device setting in settings (will show browser, mobile, or desktop icon). Added a tutorial which can be accessed from the help menu. Major optimizations. Buffed Boomstick. Slightly nerfed Sabre. Fixed bugs.


June 25, 2023

Added the Cake Cannon (Level 35, Archer -> Grenadier -> Cake Cannon) for realmz.io's 1st anniversary! The cake monster skin is also for sale in the shop until July 1st 2023.


June 20, 2023

The shop now works properly. More bug fixes.


June 19, 2023

More bug fixes.


June 18, 2023

Fixes. Red mushrooms, brown leaves, red tulips, and pink flowers now heal. Goblin Warlock now spawns properly


June 18, 2023

Erth2 is now known as realmz.io. Added 6 new biomes and created a whole new map, mossy caves, forest, taiga, dry grasslands, mechanical lab, and erthium caves. Added 3 new bosses: Goblin Warlock, Erthium Eye, and the Mechanical Terror. Added a NPC that you can interact with using the chat. Added a few advanced enemies: Goblins, Gnomes and Ancient Statues, Added 24 campaign missions. Added a new shop section with skins and crates.New premium currency, erthium, that can be obtained through missions.New level 15 weapon, Sabre (Warrior -> Sabre).Many new skins.Major optimizations. Temporary removed mana flail and flame monk because it was not compatible with new optimizations. Reworked solar flare and temporarily moved it to level 35. Completely reworked maps and made them more detailed. Nerfed spike damage. Fixed some crashing glitches. Balancing changes. Buffed Aura Shield and Aura Monk. Buffed Spear damage. Slightly buffed charge blaster damage. Nerfed Crossbow velocity. Slightly nerfed big Behemoth damage. Made Champion hit slightly slower. Nerfed sorcerer damage. Nerfed Rune Wizard. Nerfed grenadier. Reworked main menu color scheme. Now supports more browsers. Added an upgrade button in the bottom left to view selected upgrades. Press the ` key to open a console to report bugs and press ctrl + m to enter cinematic mode. Various other bug fixes.

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April 16, 2023



April 15, 2023
More Erthfest tournament info has been added in the events tab. Added a new class: Spear (Swordsman -> Lancer -> Spear). Added several new skins. Reverted v.1.3.14 sniper nerf.


April 6, 2023
Erthfest tournaments start today. Log into your account and visit the events tab for important information. Nerfed Magician, Solar Flare, Marksman, and Sniper. Buffed Charge Blaster. Fixed several bugs.

Erthfest 2023

April 7 - April 9, 2023
FuturePearStudios is announcing Erthfest 2023, the annual erth2.party competition that features real cash prizes, exclusive skins, and more!

Erthfest 2023 is a contest from April 7-9. This competition is entirely skill dependent: players fight using the same class. Prove your skill today by entering Erthfest 2023 and rise your way toward the finals!

Read more about the contest: contest info
Join the contest: Join contest
Chat with the erth2 community on discord

Hope to see you there!


March 29, 2023
Slightly nerfed the feather upgrade speed. Minor fixes. Temporarily removed the Mechanical Terror.


March 27, 2023
Added Rune Wizard (Magician -> Charge Blaster -> Rune Wizard). Added level 101 ascension upgrades for uniqueness: Brute, Wings, Feather, Heavy, or none. The heavy upgrade now works outside of stealth mode and is moved to level 101.


March 26, 2023
Fixed issues with the Mechanical Terror and adjusted parts of it.


March 20, 2023
A Mechanical Terror may randomly spawn... Buffed Holy Hammer and Pulse Gun.


March 19, 2023
Added a new level 70 class: Pulse Gun (Magician -> Charge Blaster -> Star Blaster -> Pulse Gun). Buffed mana flail, star blaster, fire caster, rocketeer, and champion. Nerfed gunner, shotgun, lancer, and dragoon. Fixed shield and mirror sword collision time. Minor optimizations. Slightly nerfed paladin. Alchemist healing potions can no longer heal other players. Added a setting to disable particles. Removed CTF because no ones plays it.


March 5, 2023
Added a new weapon, Holy Hammer, at level 70. (Swordsman -> Paladin -> Champion -> Holy Hammer). Expanded the snow biome and made adjustments around the map. Reworked Mana Flail. The camera now moves around on the title screen. Added some new skins.


Feb 20, 2023
Added a limited time Capture The Flag gam emode (see server selector). Added a nameplate on the main screen. Added a link to the erth2 chatroom in the account menu. Fixed some bugs.


Feb 17, 2023
Increased Alchemist reload and reduced healing.


Feb 16, 2023
Reworked Alchemist. Green and purple potions now can affect the player throwing them. You can switch potions with the Q key. (Keybind option will come soon). Buffed Crossbow


Feb 15, 2023
Added a new class: Alchemist (Lvl. 35, from Charge Blaster). Added damage numbers when you hit something. Buffed scythe reload, buffed Winged Bow, and slightly buffed Sorcerer damage. Nerfed mana flail and shotgun. Solar flare has less range. Fixed bug where arrows are randomly thick. (Alchemist class idea is from bigboybooey)


Feb 13, 2023
Added several new skins. Optimized the loop. Refactored code server side. Adjusted main menu. Added a death screen showing stats. Nerfed Flame Whip, Shotgun, Boomstick, Mana Flail, Infernal Mage, and Behemoth (From Champion path). Increased Winged Bow projectile velocity and made it shoot 1 less arrow. Paladin and Champion swing down faster. Added description to classes without a description.


Feb 8, 2023
You can choose upgrades with the number keys now (1, 2, 3, etc.. ). Fixed falling off the edge of the map.


Feb 7, 2023
Fixed getting stuck in blocks while changing size. Nerfed Solar Flare's damage. Optimized collisions with tiles.


Feb 6, 2023
Added new 8 classes. Flame Monk (Lvl 35, Sorceror), Winged Bow (Lvl. 35, Marksman), Solar Flare (Lvl. 70, Flame Monk), Mana Flail (Lvl 35, Aura Shield), Infernal Mage (Lvl. 70, Fire Caster), Shotgun (Lvl. 35, Gunner), Boomstick (Lvl. 70, Shotgun), and Champion (Lvl. 35, Paladin). If you become Behemoth from Champion, you remain small and your sword is faster but weaker. Fixed recaptcha bug. Nerfed charge blaster. Changed giant's hitbox.


Jan 8, 2023
Blocked off the lava arena (will be used in a future update for something special..) and opened up a passage to the crimson caves in the bottom left of the map.


Jan 7, 2023
Added 2 new classes: Mirror (Lvl. 35, advances from Shield) and Crossbower (Lvl. 35, advances from Marksman). Added lighting (work in progress, has some issues). Added 2 new lava themed mobs which can be found at the bottom of the caves. Added a new upgrade, Lava Gear, which reduces damage taken by lava and can be obtained around reaching level 50. The arctic biome now has its own ice themed background and sky. Huge balance changes. Erth-13 mobs spawn in their own secluded and hidden biome. Buffed Archer, nerfed Gunner, nerfed Sniper, buffed Marksman, buffed Rocketeer rocket speed, slightly nerfed Paladin, nerfed Scythe reload, slightly decreased the range of Lancer and Dragoon, reduced Giant's stomp range, increased the range of Aura Shield and Aura Monk. Grenadier bomb radius has been reduced, Bomber's bombs now explode on contact with tiles. Added a few new skins. Reduced bat spawn rate in the caves. The molten skin and lava skin now have a special glow effect.


Dec 28, 2022
Increased Charge Blaster's projectile growth and slightly increased reload. Increased Sycthe's reload by 300 ms. Added a swear filter (will be reworked in the future). Added 3 new skins.


Dec 21, 2022
Erth-13 has returned for the holidays! Fight enemies and advance through stages to obtain imited time special christmas themed skins. View the event guide for more information. Added a new flying mob to the mode and added variation to the map. Fixed bugs.


Dec 11, 2022
Added microbiomes around the map. Made the bat mob hitbox bigger. Adjusted home page UI.


Dec 8, 2022
Added a new biome, the cave biome which can be found at the bottom of the map. Made grass greener. Adjusted the cliff background. Fixed a bug where accounts with special characters not being able to gain coins or stars. Slightly nerfed lancer. Nerfed sniper, made charge blaster projectile smaller, and nerfed the spike mob. Thanks to Prookl, Bot, and Crab Cakes for making the new map.


Dec 1, 2022
Major balancing: Swordsman sword moves faster, Giants damage changed from 25 -> 20, Sorceror fireballs create less projectiles, Aura Monk rotation speed increased, Dragoon reload slightly increased, Scythe reload increased, Puncher damage changed from 25 -> 20, Behemoth reload decreased, Sniper reload decreased and damage increased from 40 -> 45. Fire caster creates 1 less projectile on attack. Fixed some bugs.


Nov 29, 2022
Small fixes. Added text for what crates do.


Nov 25, 2022
Big optimizations, ping and server lag should be reduced. Added 2 new mobs that spawn in the grasslands, the eye plant and thorn plant (deals lots of damage so watch out!). Added particle effects when killing players, mobs, and upgrading your weapon. Added a new iron crate (gives 1 skin but higher chance for rarer skins). Added several new skins.


Nov 21, 2022
Added a new class: Scythe (Lvl 35, branches from lancer). Minor optimizations (big optimizations will be coming soon). Nerfed giant, puncher, umbrellar, and archer. Added a terms of service (link at bottom of home screen).


Nov 14, 2022
Small fixes. Added welcome message.


Nov 13, 2022
Improved sprites for Behemoth and Umbrellar. Cleaned up parts of the UI.


Nov 11, 2022
Added 4 new classes: Behemoth (Lvl 70, branches from Giant), Shield (Lvl 15, branches from warrior), Rocketeer (Lvl 70, branches from Bomber), and Umbrellar (Lvl 35, branches from Shield). Buffed puncher and giant. Added a Leaderboard and events tab in the accounts menu. (Leaderboard will update once a day for now because I am lazy). Added several new skins. Removed winning Halloween Crates from erth-13, but the mode is still playable.


Oct 30, 2022
New limited time halloween mode: erth-13. See this link for the event guide. Fixed bugs, buffed Fire Caster, and nerfed Star Blaster.


Oct 17, 2022
Added 2 new classes: Fire Caster (Lvl. 35, advances from Sorceror) and Star Blaster (Lvl. 35, advances from Charge Blaster). Added lots of new skins, added a wise mystical tree (will do something interesting in future updates...). Nerfed bomber and grenaider. Buffed archer and marksman range. Fixed bug where stealth message showed after dying. Added a secret halloween filter in settings.


Oct 5, 2022
Accounts are here! Added 16 skins to accounts and 2 different lootcrates. Nerfed bomber. Fixed some bugs.


September 16, 2022
Added 3 new upgrades: rocket dash, rocket jump, and heavy. Nerfed bomber. Added a button to hide and show upgrades.


September 9, 2022
Added a new class, Aura Monk, which branches from Aura Shield. 2 new classes have been added for testing. Adjusted tile graphics to fix inconsistencies. Added a gear to the settings icon. Added low detail tiles. Added connection status messages when switching and connecting to servers. Known issue: Mobs and projectiles movement is not synced perfectly with players and tiles.


September 3, 2022
Fixed bugs with the leaderboard and using right click to enable stealth. Your name and settings are saved after the page reloads.


September 1, 2022
Added 2 new classes: Giant and Aura Shield, that branch from Paladin and Magician respectively. Added clouds in the background and dash/jump effects. Added tree blocks which can be found on the server NA_1. Added description for classes. Fixed some bugs.


August 26, 2022
Fixed bugs with the following: melee weapon collision, keybinds, the leaderboard. Keybinds are now saved after the website is closed.


August 22, 2022
Fixed bugs with the following: mob behavior on penguin and warlus, keybinds replacing spacebar (dash), projectiles moving through tiles, aiming Charge Blaster showing up as "Whirlpooler", and also gave walruses flippers.


August 22, 2022
Added 2 new mobs which can be found in the arctic, the penguin and walrus. Added a new upgrade, ninja mode. Updated the sprite of the puncher weapon. Added bush variations and arctic bushes. You can now freeze movement with the P key. Warrior has been renamed to Swordsman. Ping now shows in the top right of the screen. Right clicking will enable stealth. Fixed bugs with aiming and html injection. Updated how the leaderboard looks. More settings and keybinds have been added to the settings tab.


August 14, 2022
Added a new class, puncher, which branches from paladin. Added stealth mode, press I to toggle it and use it to hide. Bushes now spawn on tiles. A crown symbol is shown on the map to mark the highest level player. Created a settings menu. Added a discord bot that links erth2 and discord so the discord server can see players online. Improved player movement. Mob spawns now blend in with cave walls. Fixed issues with the server load balancer.


July 26, 2022
Fixed bugs with mushroom hitboxes. Added multiple servers with different maps. Switched the websocket library to a custom made one.


July 12, 2022
Nerfed bomber and grenaider and fixed bug with projectiles. Renamed whirpooler into charge blaster. New mobs: Purple mushroom, red mushroom, rainbow slime, and snow slime. Contact collision of dandelions has been disabled


June 29, 2022
Nerfed the following: Magician, speed upgrades, bomber. Buffed the following: Arhcer/Marksman range, Whirlpooler


June 29, 2022
Five new weapons, lancer, dragoon, paladin, bomber, and whirlpooler New map Fixed grenadier grenades not exploding on tile contact Nerfed gunner and buffed archer+marksman Various bug fixes


June 25, 2022
Basic mobile controls (will be refining this in future updates) -Fullscreen button in top right for mobile users (this will be changed to general settings button soon) -Fixed bug with flower contact and mobs jumping -Client side cleaned up a bit so websockets don't send as much data as before


June 24, 2022
Beta release of erth2 (Name not decided yet). -Title screen & GUI -Server & Websocket connections -Collisions and different block types -Mobs, mob spawning, and flowers -Basic weapons (some are unfinished)


June 10, 2022
development started